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About Our Founder: Dr. John “Jack” Layh

Dr. Jack Layh was a pillar of the greater Dayton mental health community, having an important hand in building  local community agencies including the Dayton Free Clinic in 1969, the Clark County Big Brothers Big Sisters Program in 1978, the Mental Health Unit at Greene Memorial Hospital in 1980, and TCN Community Mental Health Center in 1989. Dr. Layh was among one of the first graduating classes at Wright State University where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in 1968, followed by a master’s degree in psychology in 1970. He went on to complete his doctorate in clinical psychology at Ohio University in 1979. 

Dr. Layh was actively involved with the Dayton Area Psychological Association for many years, including serving on the Board of Directors as President. He also served as the clinical director at both TCN Community Mental Health Center and the Mental Health Unit at Greene Memorial Hospital when he was involved with those organizations. 

Throughout his life, Dr. Layh was motivated by a strong belief that people have the right to mental health treatment and more than 40 years ago, he founded one of the largest private psychology practices in our area: Layh & Associates. 

Through Layh & Associates, Dr. Layh has developed a multi-specialty private practice, with mental health  providers who have a broad range of backgrounds that allows the practice to provide access to quality mental health  services for the diverse needs of the people in our local and surrounding communities.

Dr. Jack Layh passed away in November of 2022.  His goal was to leave  the world a better place and he embodied this message throughout his life.